League of Legends: Preseason Overview

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Season 3 of the competitive League of Legends circuit officially ended just last week, and Riot Games has been giving players an idea of what to expect via reddit posts and forum posts for quite some time now. A few days ago, Riot Games posted a video to their Youtube channel detailing many of the upcoming changes in Season 4. Featured most prominently are the changes to the support and jungle role, but the video also covers some of the changes to vision and some of the changes to overall game flow. You can check out the video for the full rundown, but if you’re more interested in the cliffnotes, read on:

  • Players will have access to free trinkets that will make it easier for everyone to actively participate in the vision war.
  • Each player will have a ward limit, meaning that supports can only place three wards. Looks like warding is everyone’s job now.
  • Support players will receive more bonus gold from masteries and gold per 10 items to give them competitive scaling late game; support abilities will scale more with itemization (ex. Lulu’s slow will be more powerful with AP).
  • An extra jungle camp has been added close to blue buff in order to give more gold and experience to junglers and increase the viability of farming the jungle opposed to ganking.
  • Towers will grant more gold to the player who destroys them, but less gold to the rest of the player’s team.
  • Dragon’s gold and experience rewards will scale better into late game, making dragon a constant point of contention between teams.
  • Destroying an inhibitor will only make the lane with the downed inhibitor push harder, not every other lane.
  • Many of the bushes in Summoner’s Rift have been reworked to make visibility more clear and lane dominance more difficult to attain.

To see some of these changes in action, feel free to check out the video. Prepare yourselves, summoners: Season 4 is coming.