Interview with a veteran League of Legends Player

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I am starting to play League of Legends competitively (my summoner name is HeadDrop so check me out if you feel the need) and while I’m playing I’ll always ask myself about what I could be doing better or what would a Diamond Rank player do. I feel like a lot of people who play League of Legends competitively ask themselves the same questions, but never get the chance to get those questions answered. Well I had the chance to sit down with a Diamond Rank player and probe his mind about his thought on the game, his strategies for getting better, and his career in general. Here is MMOknight’s interview with a Diamond Rank player.


1. What is your name(real and screen name)

Stefan “Color Wheel” Pruitt-Darby

2. What is your favorite character to play as and why?

Rengar, he can dominate games if he gets ahead and I just like the whole stelath-assassination apsect of he champion.

3. What has been your favorite match in League of Legends?

(IEM Katowice 2013) Fnatic vs SK when the term “Xpeke” was coined. One of the most entertainng games I’ve seen.

4. What are some tips you wish you would have known when you had just started playing?

Always farm creeps well and often, very important to player development which a lot of people don’t realize.

lol leveling

5.What does it take to get to your level in League of Legends?

Practice,Always glance at the map, always actively farm throughout the game(unless full build), and learn proper decision making. I’ve seen people with terrible mechanics who’re diamond simply because they have excellent decision making and shot calling. Think about it. How many times have you lost control of a game after a baron or dragon, or went too deep to ward and ended up getting picked? These kinds of mistakes can lose you and your team the game then and there. All it takes is for one player to have a lapse in thinking for just a second, and the game’s over.

6. If you could play on any MLG League of Legends team which one would you play on?

Dignitas, I like the underdogs.

7.What is the best way to get noticed/get better on League of Legends?

Get to high diamond/challenger. As you get higher in elo, you’ll appear on more and more streams which will get your name out if you perform well on a stream with a few thousand viewers. Try your best to make acquaintences with streamers and pro-players and your fame will grow.

8. What is your favorite strategy in League of Legends?

Split-Pushing. Challenges a player’s mechanical and decision making ability to the maximum.


9. If you could change one thing about League of Legends what would it be?

I hate the tank meta.

10. Do you think anyone can play League of Legends?

Yes. Even if you don’t want to play competitively, a lot of people find joy by just playing recreationally. League of Legends is somthing that I think people of all ages, ethnicities, and gender can enjoy.

11. If you could play League of Legends in college which collegiate team would you want to play for?

I’m really quite undecided. Although I’m leaning towards Robert Morris University.

12. Do you have a highlight reel or anything?

Not yet, working on it for collegiate teams to apply for.


Thank you to Stefan for sitting down with me and answering my questions about League of Legends. Watch out for Color Wheel while your out in match making and remember summoners: Spin to Win.