How to Make Money in Rift

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When starting a new game, people usually have money problems. To help players out with this issue, we’ve put together a how to make money guide for rift. There are many ways of making money in RIFT and we’re going to go over the most profitable ones.

The first mistake most people make is overspending. Although pretty much every transaction can be rationalized, it hardly ever is. A 10% stronger purple item is always nice, but it probably isn’t worth buying unless you’re sure you’ll still be wearing it when you reach level 60. A fast mount is always nice, but it’s usually wiser to get a 90% speed mount instead of scraping together everything you’ve got and buying a 110% speed mount. Although thinking twice before buying items helps a lot, you still won’t get rich unless you put some effort in it.

Making Platinum With Gathering

This is probably one of the most common and profitable ways of making platinum in Rift, it’s also one of the most simple ones. There are always players looking to level up their crafting skills, which means that players will always be buying materials needed for crafting. Many people choose to take up all 3 gathering professions (Butchering, Mining, and Foraging) in order to gather all the materials they run into while they are questing and leveling up. The easiest way to gather things is to queue for instant action and gather everything in sight at the same time paying little attention to the quests you’re completing. After gathering a good amount of materials you should head to the marketplace and sell them.

Making Platinum By Crafting

Another popular way of making money in Rift is by crafting things. This isn’t recommended to most though. Only players that have a very high level craft will be able to profit from it. It’s very hard to earn any profit while you’re leveling your crafting skills. The main reason behind this is that crafters will have to compete with quest rewards when selling their gear. However, there are some items players can craft that are more likely to be bought.  two-handed weapons, ranged weapons and runes are more likely to be bought since they’re far less frequent in quest rewards.

The most profitable crafting skill is Runecrafting but it’s also the most expensive ones to level. To level Runecrafting players will have to Runebreak equipment, which means that they won’t be able to sell the equipment to vendors or other players. After reaching the level cap though, Runecrafting becomes highly profitable. This is mainly because lower level players will constantly be upgrading their gear and it’s usually not worth purchasing runes until the max level.

Making Platinum From Dropped Items

Like in many other games, item drops can be very valuable in Rift. Everyone loves buying bind-on-equip blue and purple pieces of gear and are willing to spend a lot of gold and platinum on these items. You should always try to resist the urge to equip these items. The low level Rare (blue) and Epic (purple) gear isn’t nearly as good as everyone likes to think. After a few levels the Uncommon (green) items will catch up to the Rare and Epic gear. When trying to make money, always consider selling the items instead of equipping them and replacing them with green items in a couple of levels.

Making Platinum by Auction House Flipping

Flipping Items in the Auction House (AH) is a well-known strategy from other MMORPG’s. This however requires some knowledge and some starting money. The basic principles behind AH Flipping is simple- buy low, sell high. There are constantly under-priced things in the auction house. When you see something “under priced” you should consider buying them and later sell them for a profit. This becomes an especially useful strategy if you have the Runecrafting profession. Very often you will come across really cheap items that will be worth a lot more if you runebreak them and use or sell the shards. Although it’s rare, players sometimes put up items in the market that can be sold to vendors for a higher price.

Auction House Flipping can be very profitable but it also takes time to learn the prices and the items. When starting with AH Flipping, it’s smart to start with a narrow niche (for example mining materials) and as you get to know the market better, add more things to the list.