How to level up quickly in League of Legends

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There are a number of reasons people may want to level up another account in League of Legends. Maybe your friend has decided to play and you want to help him level up. Maybe one of your accounts got banned or suspended for some reason. Maybe you want a new, ARAM-specific account that only has a few champions so that you can be sure to get the one you want. Maybe you’ve lost too many games because of your terrible teammates and you’ve found yourself in the dreaded “elo hell.” Regardless of your reason, you may quickly find that creating a new account isn’t as easy as it sounds. Not having access to all of the summoner spells and only being able to use free champions are just part of your problems, as you play game after game and realize that you’re still extremely far away from reaching the level cap.

Earlier last year, a friend of mine decided to pick up League of Legends more seriously and he wanted me to duo queue with him in ranked. His inexperience made me hesitant to play with him on my main account, so I told him I would create a smurf to play ranked with him. I expected it to take about a month to level up, depending on how much I was able to play. After playing consistently for a solid week and barely making it halfway (and knowing how much longer levels 20-30 would take), I quickly despaired of reaching level 30 in a reasonable amount of time. Looking up different methods didn’t seem to help, as the most common response was simply: buy an XP boost. Sure, buying a 7 day XP Boost can be really effective if you can devote hours and hours during that 7 days. But if you can only play a few hours a day, then XP Boosts can become quite costly. While XP Boosts are undoubtedly the fastest way to level up, they aren’t the most cost-efficient if you’re trying not to spend money. After playing through every different match type multiple times, I can break down the pros and cons of every match type when it comes to leveling up a new account.


5. Twisted Treeline

Twisted Treeline isn’t a particularly popular game type, but it can still be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give a lot of XP whether you win or lose. It can keep your last hitting in good shape, but it doesn’t help much with objective control, jungling, or team fighting. The good news is that the games are really short, so you can grind them out pretty quickly. Unfortunately, that’s really the only good thing you can say about Twisted Treeline. Unless you really enjoy the game type, there’s really not reason to play it. There are much better options that give you more experience or keep your 5v5 skills sharp.

4. Summoner’s Rift

The classic version of League of Legends and the most played game type, Summoner’s Rift is probably the most fun way to level up, but it is far from the most efficient. Games can last an extremely long time, and you don’t get that much experience for finishing them. You get more XP from winning, but with five people picking, often in blind pick since you don’t have many champions, it can be a total toss-up when it comes to winning and losing. Besides that, a lot of the other players are smurfing as well, so you can’t carry as hard as you might expect, and even if you do, you’ll still have to suffer through a lot of rage. The biggest benefit is that this is probably the most fun way to level up, and it keeps your skills sharp when it comes to last hitting and objective control.

3. Crystal Scar

Like Twisted Treeline, this game mode is not extremely popular. It has a pretty decent following, but it’s such a departure from every other game type that it’s almost like a different game completely. Champions with high-mobility are more popular, and skills like last hitting and team fighting take a back seat to speed and decision making. The games tend to be pretty quick, and you get a decent amount of experience for playing. If you really don’t care about keeping up your skills, then this is a great game mode to go with. Unfortunately, if you level up with Dominion, you may find yourself struggling to adjust when it comes time to play Classic with your buddies.


2. Co-Op vs. AI

This game mode is probably the most stress-free, clean and simple way to level up. Bots are very easy opponents, and you should have no problem carrying the game regardless of which champion you’re forced to pick from the free rotation. Depending on which champion you pick or how fed you get, you can end the game fairly quickly, but you will get less XP for fast wins, so it might be in your best interests to let the game go on for a bit. The good news about Co-Op vs. AI is that it can keep your mechanics good since you’re still technically in Summoner’s Rift. It’s not quite the same experience, since you’ll likely be stomping the bots and they won’t have intelligent team-fighting and objective control. If you want the quickest leveling process while still retaining a bit of your Summoner’s Rift skills, then this is the best option.

1. Howling Abyss

In my experience, ARAM is the single best way to level up your account. The games are short in nearly every instance, regardless of skill gap, simply because of the nature of the game. You get more experience than a dominion game of the same length, making it the single most efficient game mode in terms of time. The picks are random and the team comps may be bizarre, but you can still maintain the finer aspects of a team fight in ARAM. Your last hitting may not stay top notch, but the minions are still there, so you can still get a bit of practice in. You may experience a bit of difficulties when you make the transition back to Summoner’s Rift, but it will be much more familiar than Dominion, and you get more efficient XP gains than Co-Op vs. AI.


Obviously, each different game type is viable for leveling your account. Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll get there eventually, and no matter what option you go with, it will take a substantial amount of time. Ultimately it comes down to what you want from your leveling process. I talk a lot about the effect it will have on your game, and that’s not a joke. When I leveled my account grinding out ARAM games, I was astounded by how bad my map awareness was, and my average CS was significantly lower than it used to be. So it’s up to you: do you want to level as fast as you can, or do you want to keep yourself sharp? Hopefully this article has helped you make the right decision.