Allods Online Expansion Goes Live

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Webzen has been busy. Just a few days ago, they announced an expansion for Continent of the Ninth Seal that includes many new missions and balance tweaks to damage output. Fresh off of the new expansion for C9, Webzen has announced a new expansion for Allods Online, Wind of Changes. The expansion comes with an incredible amount of changes ranging from new content to class changes. Wind of Changes will introduce a new PvP even called “Scarlet Bastion.” It will also introduce the “Core Morpher,” a special scroll that will allow players to try different classes without the need to create a new character. By far the biggest change in the expansion comes to the Dominion, which “has been significantly altered.”


The Allods Online team believes that the old Dominion “lacked proper balance.” They claim that “only large and powerful guilds were able to progress.” The team has implemented a system that they believe is fairer and will allow everybody to compete on the same level. If you’re frustrated about your guild being too small to compete in the Dominion, than this patch is the answer to your prayers. Wind of Changes also introduces the “Scarlet Bastion.” The Scarlet Bastion is a new PvP event that allows up to 30 players to fight in the same arena. Twice a day, participants will be grouped into two teams: the defending team will be the six players with the highest gear score, and the attacking team will consist of 24 lesser geared teams. The defending team will have to defend the Bastion in order to win. Of course, there’s more to the expansion than added content. Wind of Changes will also bringing minor updates, such as a re-designed in-game mail system and new game modifiers to make your Sarnaut adventures more exciting and challenging. The expansion is live now, so if you’ve been waiting for something new to draw you back to Allods Online, now is the time!