SOE Launches All Access Subscription

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Yesterday SOE announced the launch of their all access subscription plan. The valuable new program awards members with top level access to all participating SOE games.

Although the idea had been discussed for a while, it finally went live yesterday. For $14.99 per month (or less if you purchase multiple months at a time), players can now have top tier access to all participating SOE games. Furthermore, players will gain 500 Station Cash for each month they subscribe.

Since the Station Cash wallet is good in all SOE games, you can use them in any (or all) of the SOE games included in the all access subscription. As a member of the all access subscription, players get 10% off the Marketplace purchases.

To find out more about the SOE all access subscription, visit the FAQ section. To find out more about the all access subscription, you can find the official announcement here.


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