Prime World Open Beta Date Revealed


After a long time in closed beta, and some open beta weekends, Nival has finally revealed the open beta date  for Prime World. Prime World will finally be available for play on July 26.

Before the 24/7 open beta begins, palyers can help build the community by joining the Prime World Street Team. Players who join the Street Team will earn in-game rewards, Prime World swag and Forum Talents by telling everyone about the game.

You can read the official announcement here.


  • viperrr

    Been waiting for two months for the open beta to begin. Spoiler alert really addictive moba game ;D.

  • Riepah

    About time! I’ve been waiting for this ever since I first heard of the game!

  • magikarp

    cant wait to play the open beta, the closed beta weekends were so fun!

  • Shame that I can’t be there in when they open the servers. Well I have to play it on Sunday then. Been looking forward for this game for a while now.

  • MarkSquirrel

    I can hardly wait! Played in the Open Beta and I can only describe it as addictive. Help your castle grow, gather resources and make your hero stronger so you can dominate afterwards 😀

  • Korialstraz

    Its really addictive, u should try it since is not the typical dota clon! i love the hero developement system :) And its open beta without wipe, which is great!

  • RobinW //Unnamed

    I played this game since beta and then it was just 2 days playtime at the time (saturday/sunday). But now in open beta I can play how much I want! And it is so addictive! I can’t stop playing this game, and now I am eating at my computer instead of the kitchen! That’s what I call addicted when I can’t leav my screen for 10minutes!

  • The game has enthralled me with its great gameplay and sense of acomplishement. Instead of simply winning a match and restarting everything after a new one, I can feel my characters increasing in power, having them donning new talents and such and showing me just how great they can become. Tie this up with the great community present on the forums and the dedication from the developer and you’ve got yourself a game worthy to be played.


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