Lost Saga Minecraft Style Content Update

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WeMade USA recently revealed a new content update for their free-to-play pvp combat based MMORPG Lost Saga. The new content update adds ninecraft style box building.

Lost Saga was recently relaunched in the NA region after a misunderstanding with the previous publisher. The game was available for a brief time for players from EU during the open beta, but now the game is exclusively available in the NA region.

New building blocks have been introduced, which give players the chance to “build almost anything”.

To find out more about the game, visit the official site here. Be warned though, you can only access the website if you’re from the NA region.


  • Vexxter

    Finally a MMO site that warns Europeans about the discriminating policy of WeMade USA. Thanks, MMOKnight team!
    WeMade should be ashamed for promising fans outside NA to arrange a solution back in January and now they do nothing but spend money for advertisments that simulate a server full of “satisfied” fans. In reality, they would have lost a big part of their already small NA community if they didn’t bring the May/Minecraft patch forward. WeMade will never get their version greenlighted on Steam the way they handle it right now…


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